Business Energetics Mastery

Business Energetics focuses on looking at your business holistically from all components, rather than just one.

Strategy when we look at it focuses on followers, content, funnels & posts - however how are we to implement & action these and actually get conversions & clients within our business when we don't have the energetical alignment, heal the blocks, and are in vibrational frequency with our business energy.

We all know by now that everything is made up of energy (atoms), and that physical formation is achieved by the frequency of different atoms vibrating. We know then that we ourselves are energy - however, have you ever thought of your business that way? ⠀

Literally your business is a energy entity. Your business was birthed into creation with its own energetic frequency and vibration. ⠀

Along the way, the energy of your business, like yourself, has blocks, leaks, challenges and boundaries. Many of these created and effected by your vibration in your business, but many effected by other matters.⠀

Your business is here to give you everything that you want, everything that you desire and to show up in full form every single day, if aligned. However how is this energy suppose to do that, when there are energetic blockages and unaligned frequencies within the energy field?

Strategy is a thing of the past⠀
Energetics is a thing of the future

8 Pillar, 8 Week Online Masterclass

Over the next 8 weeks, we will be deep diving into the 8 pillars of Business Energetics. Each pillar focuses on an encompassing energetic system which will in turn increase and create scalability through your business, while connecting deeper with your business energy, and creating a clear channel to your your business energetics.

8 Pillars of Business Energetics 
  • Our business is NOT US

  • Our business like any other energy is influenced by external energies

  • The stability and balance between the strategy & energetics

  • Your business and the impact on others and humanity

  • Complete transparency, authenticity, focus and consistency

  • The 4 quadrants of life

  • Healing of energetics to allow full scalability

  • Money wealth consciousness & investment

Adam Robertson
What's Included:
  • 8 Masterclass recordings covering each of the 8 pillars in detail

  • Access to your own online portal where you can complete the course at your own pace

  • Guided meditations, tools, and techniques to connect and tune you in to your business energetics

  • Connection with others on the Business Energetics journey

  • Fortnightly live group sessions via Zoom to connect and ask questions


This for for all business owners with new or pre-existing business's, that have seen their business stagnant OR seen slow scalability OR want to go all in to achieve massive rapid growth.

8 weeks, 8 pillars, to heal and scale your business from the inside out for rapid growth.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access the Business Energetics Mastery Content?

You have your own online portal, where you can check your progress, watch the masterclasses and complete tasks, all in the comfort of your own space! The content is drip fed to you over an 8 week duration.

Is it completely online?

Yes! Which is amazing, you can do it anywhere and everywhere! Plus you are added into the online forum with others who are doing/done Business Energetics Mastery too! You get to connect with community who are here to support you too!