A 2 hour workshop for the entrepreneur to go deeper within themselves, connect deeper to source, and allow an infinite energy to come to play in order for you to see what there is to be explored within your business.

Combining Cacao & Sound Healing in order to really bring to light the fruits ready to be picked!

7th November | 3-5pm | Lower Hutt, Wellington

Many of us can get caught up in the limitations that are in our business, based on our own internal limits, what we belief to be achievable, the influence of others opinions, and the external environmental factors that continue to change around us.

We allow all of this to dictate what it is that we do, whether or not it feels good, and most of the time it doesn't. Continuing to work from obligation and fear, instead of abundance, and limitlessness.

This 2 hour workshop is really going to help you tap into something beyond yourself, where you can start to map, write and create all the goodness that your business has to offer. Not being limited by a single thing - because energy is there and ready to be transformed and used in whatever way you choose!

Come and join in the magic!

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