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Empowered is a monthly subscription service for those who are wishing to enhance their own personal & spiritual development.
It provides you with the 
necessary tools, and techniques to bring yourself into a higher state of being.
This is helpful for those who are wanting some encouragement and support within their own lives, and learning more about themselves.
You get to do this at your own pace, implementing the self responsibility to see the changes you desire.

See below for what exactly EMPOWERED includes.

Service Name

Monthly Meditation

To encourage the subconscious reprogramming of limiting beliefs, and taking you into a state of pure relaxation. Allowing for the body to work with its innate healing abilities in the parasympathetic state.

These meditations are all tailored to different self & spiritual development subjects 

Service Name

Monthly Ebook

An in-depth insight into a particular self/spiritual development topic. Understanding it better for yourself, and giving you some tools and techniques on working through the particular area for yourself.

Reading a Digital Book
Notebook and Pen

Journal Prompts

To not only get the creative juices flowing, but to dig deeper into self through the creative art of journalling. Journalling gives us the ability to express ourselves in many ways while feeling safe doing so. When we're given journal prompts, it encourages the mind to reflect and bring more awareness into our being.

Service Name

The EMPOWERED subscription is available through a simple online portal in which you are emailed.

No obligation, cancel at anytime.

$24.90 per month