Tropical Leaves
"My word is my bond.
My bond is my truth.
I keep my commitments to self and to others.
Because I will not let me down.
I will make myself proud.
I will be true to my word.
And I will follow through on everything that I commit to."
Krista Tier

Meet Adam

"Adam knew how much passion and heart he had behind helping souls find their power, to help guide them through the journey of life, and to really come into fruition of who they truly are! Knowing that anything and everything is achievable if we just allow for it, and we take the action to get there instead of being held back by fear."

Treatments & Services

As a Intuitive Energy Coach, Adam offers a select range of personalised treatments and services. Whether it be in Transpire, Adam's personal group mentorship, or a 1:1 half day immersion, you're going to have amplified results as you step forward into your higher purpose as an individual in all aspects. 


It's time to transcend fear, and adopt the love in all forms that drives us into our higher purpose and mission. Many of us have lived in auto-pilot our whole lives thinking that that was how it how to be, conditioned to believe there is and was no other way - but that couldn't be further from the truth!


Fear has held us back, and while fear has a part to play within our lives, just as everything - fear is not there to control and affect us everyday as many of us have and still do experience.


Imagine a life where you had the ability to see beyond the veil, have a great awareness and perspective of life. You showed and had the utmost of gratitude even in the times of perhaps the greatest of pain, and you were able to be vulnerable and emotional regulate to allow for expression and communication on a deeper connected level to ones-self and others.


You're here to live something much more! You get to do all of it and have all of it! It's just about to taking the first step, and the first leap.

Yoga Session

1:1 Immersive Experience

Explore the deepest parts of your being – this is a powerful, therapeutic and highly releasing ceremony.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.



Adam is a powerhouse entrepreneur, bringing components of beauty, material and spiritual together to create an incredible reality. Reputed for his work in holistic health practices (Reflexology, Reiki, Cacao Ceremonies, Essential Oil Wellness and more). Adam has an energy known to be contagious (always ready for a dance party).

Adam also brings a completely transparent, emotional realness to his work. Whether in personal conversation, online, or at live events.

Adam's life experience has taught him the power of being abundantly present in the moment, while achieving the greatest future possible, aligned with his higher self and vision.

Adam Robertson is a Personal & Business Energetics Healer.


Adam works with business's all over the world to heal and scale their business's energetically - from sole traders to bigger corporate companies - each business has its own energy and frequency in which becomes stagnant and blocked. When business's suffer from energetically leaks, or blocks, it can severely impact the business in the physical manifestation - leading to lack of clients, conversion, sales, income, work ethic, and unproductive/unhealthy work environments.

This for for all business owners with new or pre-existing business's, that have seen their business stagnant OR seen slow scalability OR want to go all in to achieve massive rapid growth.

8 weeks, 8 pillars, to heal and scale your business from the inside out for rapid growth.

Business Energetics Mastery focuses on 8 Pillars -

- Our business is NOT US

- Our business like any other energy is influenced by external energies

- The stability and balance between the strategy & energetics

- Your business and the impact on others and humanity

- Complete transparency, authenticity, focus and consistency

- The 4 quandrants of life

- Healing of energetics to allow full scalability

- Money wealth consciousness & investment

Business Energetics Mastery