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Chakra Alignment
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Adam Robertson
Adam Robertson
Love Yourself

Intuitive Ceremony

Enter into a ceremony like no other - Intuitively guided, we work through different aspects of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane. This ceremony can encompass so many different therapies, from Cacao, Breath-work, Mantra's, Reiki, Meditation, Movement, Sound, Light-language, and more!

Explore the deepest parts of your being – this is a powerful, therapeutic and highly releasing ceremony, where we uncover the limitations that have held you back, the trauma that has taken place within your life, and that has been stored within your physical body – ALL TO BE RELEASED!

You will leave feeling a deep gratitude for YOURSELF and how far you’ve come in life, but especially the healing you’ve encountered within yourself in the last 2 hours. You’ll have a clearer perspective of the situations that have occurred, and how they’ve played out in your life, including how you deal with them in a completely different way if they were to ever occur again.


Leave feeling lighter – with a broader understanding of purpose, passion & power!

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