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This incredible 33 card pack of MAC (Metaphorical Associative Cards) will help you to connect deeper to your own innate intuitive abilities, while evoking and triggering memories, ideas, creations, and more that will guide you into being the master of your own message.


These cards allow these incredible combination of intuition and psychology to enhance your own gift, because YOU ARE THE GIFT.


Often 'Spiritual Cards' guide you by giving you a 'message' through an affirmation, a word, or a paragraph in a booklet - while I believe these can be beneficial, the purpose and mission behind these cards was to help you to trust and connect to yourself, rather than relying on an outward influence to 'tell you'


Ultimately these MAC cards are going to enhance your ability to trust in yourself, connect to mind, body, spirit and soul, enhance your own gifts, and reveal more of your purpose and mission within this world.


You will become so deeply in touch, that you will be able to guide others through 'readings' too!


In the pricing there is also the available option of joining my MASTERCLASS to learn more about the cards and how to get the most out of them with me! There are different dates & times to suit all time zones (so don't worry, you wont miss out!)


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