Pregnant Belly


In 2021 I found myself continuously being guided to work with the womb (women) & hara (men) energy. Throughout my journey of spirituality and spiritual practice, I've got to understand and connect with this divine space through reiki, chakra work, breath work, cacao ceremonies and more.

The womb space is a divinely sacred space - A space when harnessed with alignment and clear intention not only works with the process of manifestation, pleasure, sexuality, creativity, and creation - but one that also is a place of BIRTH.

Creating, nourishing, and providing sanctuary for a soul to reside in as it makes its way into this beautiful world we call earth, in its vessel of a human experience.

The womb space can be a very looked over space and I find myself consistently being united with new souls looking to unlock this space within themselves.

Let me ask you a simple question.

How connected are you truly with your womb?

What women may not realise is the womb space is a major space for holding trauma - whether this be physical, emotional or spiritual. The continued suppression of trauma leads to a disconnect and misalignment within the womb space, which further can lead to dis-ease.

Whether or not you're seeking to conceive in this lifetime or not, it is VITAL that you release, connect and heal this womb space to encourage a more harmonious environment for yourself, and potentially a beautiful additional soul.


As the universe has continued to unite me with women looking to unlock and heal this space - it has increasingly sent women my way either looking to conceive or already pregnant and wanting to encourage a healthier relationship with themselves and the baby.

From group womb healing sessions, to potent 1:1 sessions - it was a calling that I had to work with women who seek to clear, release, connect and heal this sacred womb space before conceiving.

  • Intergenerational & Generational Trauma

  • Energetic, Emotional & Physical Womb Trauma

  • Suppressed Trauma

  • Clearing the womb space

  • Womb Empowerment

  • Womb Manifestation

  • Nervous System Resets

  • Environmental Boundaries

  • Chakra & Reiki Healing

  • Soul Connections

  • Soul Disclosure 


8 x 1:1 sessions

Care Package



Breath work

Sound Healings

Cacao Ceremonies

The sessions are encouraged to be in person, however if this cannot occur, online is available as well.

SPH is 8 weeks long, setting you up to create the most idealistic environment possible outside of your own human anatomy.

*Please note that SPH (Spiritual Preconception Healing) is complementary to any healthcare advice by your healthcare practitioner and in no way does this outweigh that advice of a registered healthcare worker.

SPH is a spiritual practice that encourages a more harmonious environment for conceiving through releasing trauma and clearing space.

It's creating a complete sacred and safe space for a beautiful soul to reside without holding onto and adopting any generational trauma.



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