Somatic Yin, Cacao, Breath & Sound Healing Experience.

A 2.5 hour immersive class - allowing you to access your own innate wisdom and consciousness. Travel inwards, in this safe, soma experience.

Be guided through a beautiful inward journey with Adam Robertson - as you enter the void, where there is no time, only you and your own inner guidance. Adam will facilitate this incredible dynamic and safe space mixing all elements of sound, ceremonial cacao, breathwork and trauma sensitive yin yoga together to bring you into a place of pure bliss and relaxation.

These classes are small, intimate, and allow for each individual to truly explore their own essence and truth. This is about an inwards journey to the soul - releasing and surrendering to what lies beneath the surface.

Opening the heart to truly expand your ability to connect with your higher consciousness, your higher self, while on an anatomical level, opening the fascia, the connective tissue to allow fluid to flow throughout the whole body. One of the biggest functions of the fascia is communication - so when we open space for fluid to flow through the fascia, we open space for communication throughout the entire body.

Dates -


  • 15th August 2021 - Lower Hutt, Wellington

  • 29th August 2021 - Lower Hutt, Wellington

  • 19th September 2021 - Lower Hutt, Wellington