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Transpire is an 8 week 1:1 mentorship designed around ultimate healing of self. It's an opportunity for you to truly release what has been holding you back as we dive into the areas you've suppressed and hidden, consciously or subconsciously.


Trauma can effect each and everyone of us in a different way, and many of us aren't aware that certain behaviours, limiting beliefs, relationships, life cycles, and more are based on unearthed and unhealed experiences.

We deeply desire to move beyond the realm of our current consciousness and expand, grow and heal ourselves on a cellular level, however you may not have the understanding or support in order to facilitate this.

This is the potency, magic, and true essence of Transpire. 


After these 8 weeks, given your ultimate commitment to self, you're going to see some of the biggest changes you've made this far in your life. With so much gratitude, love and compassion for yourself.


Each session is done 'face to face' over ZOOM

Investment -
$1111 upfront
2 monthly payments of $555.50
8 x weekly payments of $138.88

*prerequisite of transform workshop*
Tropical Leaves
Things you can expect in Transpire:

  • Cacao Ceremonies

  • Somatic & Trauma Release

  • Rebuilding foundations

  • Meditations & Guided Journeys

  • A space to be Raw & Vulnerable

  • Card Pulls

  • Embodiment Rituals

  • Holistic Guidance

  • Unconditional Support

  • Plans & Solutions

  • Reprogramming Mindset & Limitations

  • A space to be heard

  • Hard hitting truths

  • No BS callouts

This is for you if -
  • You want to deepen your connection to self

  • You want to explore Womb/Hara healing

  • Learn emotional regulation

  • Gain better relationships - both with self & others

  • Connect to your emotions & vulnerability

  • Uncover the YOU who isn't bound by trauma

  • Ready to release through somatic

  • Alter cellular memory

  • Heal on all levels

  • Create a thriving business through self

  • Learn tools to implement through your day to day practice

  • So much more!

*prerequisite of a transform workshop is required*

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Stepping through Fear

I work with people who want to heal on all levels and restore energy back into their lives.


Too often I see people who have settled for less in their lives due to belief systems, environment, trauma, or conditioning and are dissatisfied with the continuous cycles, the disconnect to self and others and are suffering from stress and leaky energy.


I see that it's time for the deep acknowledgment, reverence and action towards inner healing in order to expand mind, consciousness, intuition & abundance.


Unlike others, I pull from over 9 different modalities in order to deepen connection to spirit, source and soul. Creating dynamic safe spaces to fully allow yourself to release, heal, restore, be and alter cellular memory.