Online Yin Yoga

Create a beautiful space for you to connect yinwards - acknowledging what you're holding onto and what it is that needs to be released.

Yin Yoga is a potent form of Yoga which is all about holding space for the body and spirit.

It involves asanas (poses) for a period of 2-5 minutes that allows for the bodies fascial system to elongate and open.

Most Yin asanas comprise of laying or being seated - some call it restorative, however it is different to restorative yoga as we are allowing ourselves to come to an edge.

This edge allows for us to go deeper and gain insight into our uncomfortableness, however, do not mistake this uncomfortableness for pain, as this is not what Yin is about, nor should it ever be.

Yin is simply about exploration.

Yin Yoga is prop heavy, especially the yin the I trained in, being trauma sensitive. This means that the body is always supported and it is adaptable to almost everyone.

There is huge benefits to Yoga in general - while some yoga practices focus on the strengthening of the body (muscle), or releasing toxic waste through the biggest organ of our body (skin), Yin Yoga is deeply involved in increasing flexibility while encouraging the participant to let go.

Child's Pose



Having trained in Trauma Sensitive Yin Yoga in 2021, and having held a magnitude of experiences incorporating Yin, I feel that it is hugely beneficial to be able to bring this divine practice online for those that which to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

I have trained in over 8 different modalities throughout my life - from Yin Yoga, Reiki, Numerology, Breathwork & Reflexology.

I seek to bring a safe space for those looking to tap into a place of exploration and relaxation within their being. It's hugely important in a society that governs us to almost continuously be in the sympathetic nervous state (fight, flight or freeze), that we allow space for our bodies to use their natural mechanisms to restore and heal by adjusting our nervous system into a parasympathetic state (rest & digest).

In these times of change and trying to pivot and navigate the current climate of the world, it is hugely important that we allow ourselves to be less stressed and become gain more clarity, while being deeply relaxed.

This is what Yin is all about!

Dates & Times

Sunday 27th March @8am

Costs & Equipment

Equipment - Household Items that are accessible | Cushions, Rolled up towels, Pillows, Yoga Mat, Eye Pillow/Mask, Comfy Clothes.

If you wish to purchase bolsters for your YIN practice, then click below!