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You're not bound by your conditioning, your narrative, or your identity.

You are found deep within the presence of your soul.

Nature Retreat
  • Journey into Consciousness: Lion Gates Portal
    Journey into Consciousness: Lion Gates Portal
    Thu, 08 Aug
    08 Aug 2024, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
    Tahawai, 417 Hot Springs Road, Tahawai 3178, New Zealand
    Join us for a transformative experience merging ancient wisdom with modern healing modalities. This unique event combines the profound practices of Breathwork and Akashic Records exploration, enhanced with the holistic benefits of Blue Lotus Tea and MCB Oil by Seleno Health.

About Adam

Adam's journey into healing began early, marked by his role as head of the youth program at 'CASPER,' a non-profit dedicated to suicide prevention, education and research, after the loss of his brother at 12. This formative experience ignited Adam's passion for supporting individuals in overcoming adversity and reclaiming their sense of purpose.

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