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Adam Robertson

Meet Adam

"Adam knew how much passion and heart he had behind helping souls find their power, to help guide them through the journey of life, and to really come into fruition of who they truly are! Knowing that anything and everything is achievable if we just allow for it, and we take the action to get there instead of being held back by fear."

Workshops & Experiences

As a Intuitive Energy Coach, Adam offers a select range of personalised treatments and services. Whether it be in Transpire, Adam's personal group mentorship, or a 1:1 half day immersion, you're going to have amplified results as you step forward into your higher purpose as an individual in all aspects. 


It's time to transcend fear, and adopt the love in all forms that drives us into our higher purpose and mission. Many of us have lived in auto-pilot our whole lives thinking that that was how it how to be, conditioned to believe there is and was no other way - but that couldn't be further from the truth!


Fear has held us back, and while fear has a part to play within our lives, just as everything - fear is not there to control and affect us everyday as many of us have and still do experience.


Imagine a life where you had the ability to see beyond the veil, have a great awareness and perspective of life. You showed and had the utmost of gratitude even in the times of perhaps the greatest of pain, and you were able to be vulnerable and emotional regulate to allow for expression and communication on a deeper connected level to ones-self and others.


You're here to live something much more! You get to do all of it and have all of it! It's just about to taking the first step, and the first leap.




Often, we allow this to be an acknowledgement of 'Divine Timing', but the truth is, we have to be the initiators of the life we desire.

It's no coincidence you're here.

It's not by Chance - Chance does not exist.

Chance is but a name for Law not recognised; there are many planes of Causation, but nothing escapes Law.

You know you're here because a series of events, experiences and emotions have lead you to seek out MORE - That MORE is your SOUL.

I'm here to guide you to that full reconnect. 

It's not that you're seperate from your soul; it's the fact that there are factors, limits and blocks that are stopping you from accessing the full capacity and expression of it.

  • Conditioning from our parents & society

  • Distorted perception of our personal reality turned personality

  • Our ego, fed by an evolving society and species seeking validation, people pleasing and  codependency, all enhance by social media

  • Our suppressed emotions that have been told are not accepted

  • Our Hearts closed because of pain suffered, and our Minds shut off to our spiritual path & practice.

The list goes on.


ILLUMINATE is for those who want to be and evolve as a SPIRITUAL LEADER in their life.

Over a 6 month period you have fortnightly group calls that cover different aspects of spirituality - and within that interweaving psychology, physiology, and emotionality.

It's a FULL SPECTRUM mentorship that allows the individual to deconstruct, analyse, gain new perspective, and create new solid foundations, principles, codes and standards for your life.

Allowing yourself to work in harmony and alignment with ENERGY, to COLLAPSE, MANIFEST, and INTEGRATE a DESIRED, INITIATED and ACTIVATED life.

It's breaking down the walls we call 'reality', to play FULL OUT in the life we deserve to live.

Walk alongside an incredible group of souls, connecting, nurturing and supporting one another. It's a tribe of inspired and HIGH FREQUENCY INDIVIDUALS.

This is for ANYONE ready to take the next EXPANSIVE step. If you're ready to break through the glass ceiling, let this ILLUMINATE the NEW STATE OF BEING.