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Adam Robertson Personal & Business Energetics Healer

Adam was born and bred in the 4 seasoned city of Auckland in the beautiful New Zealand. Growing up, Adam always felt a connection to something otherworldly, something beyond what was seen by the eye of humanity, there had to be something more to this world that what we just made it out to be. 

Growing up, Adam went through some experiences that helped to shape who and how he has shown up in today’s world – including losing his older brother at the age of 12.

After losing his brother, Adam felt the need to connect deeper with this sense of spirituality that resided deep within, so he learnt Reiki at the age of 14, and at the time was the youngest NZ Reiki practitioner. This really kickstarted a journey of connection, connection to source/spirit/universe, call it as you wish.

Adam worked in hospitality for a period of 8 years of his life, with a couple years spent operating and running his own handcrafted candle company at the age of 19, which was very successful, having 16 stockists nationwide, and steadily growing. Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen event, Adam ended up shutting down the business and going back into hospitality.

In 2019, Adam had finally had enough. He stood on the lights on Queen Street while going to the bank to deposit some money for the company he was working for at the time and it was like an epiphany. He looked at everyone walking by, wondered exactly what they were thinking, if they were happy in their lives, if they really wanted to be at the job they were working at, the 9-5 grind for 40 years until you get a pension from the government, and that there just had to be more to life than this.

Adam knew how much passion and heart he had behind helping souls find their power, to help guide them through the journey of life, and to really come into fruition of who they truly are! Knowing that anything and everything is achievable if we just allow for it, and we take the action to get there instead of being held back by fear. The only way he was going to do this though, was to do it himself, and lead by example, show the world the life they were living was by choice.

Adam handed in his notice, $30,000 in debt, living pay cheque to pay cheque, and knowing that all he would have access to after his final day was the holiday pay he had accrued (approx. $1500). Adam jumped onto social media, started up a business page, and started sharing his messages, straight from the heart. He moved to Tauranga after leaving his job and used the spare room as a treatment room to see clients for Reiki as he built up his client base for coaching too.

Taking the leap of faith, was the biggest fear, and yet the biggest accomplishment that Adam could have ever made! Now at the end of 2020, will a few bumps along the way, as always expected in life, Adam is on his way to hitting his first 6 figures in 2021, earning 4-5 figures a week. 

Adam birthed Business Energetics into creation, where he now offers group mentorship on how to heal and scale your business from the energetics, rather than the strategy (while still bringing in some components of strategy, because balance!). 

Adam empowers souls to redefine their purpose, passion & potential, through the cultivation of energies and works with business owners in healing and scaling their business’s through energetics into empires.

Adam Robertson Personal & Business Energetics Healer
Adam Robertson Personal & Business Energetics Healer