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Podcast Interviews

Adam Robertson is a Neurosomatic Facilitator, Public Speaker, and Coach, with over 10 years experience in mixed modality and space holding. Adam has held 100's of event spaces, facilitated at festivals, workplace conferences and retreats.

Podcasts are one of Adam's favourite ways to share his wisdom, knowledge and insights to audiences around the globe - while creating positive, empowering and impactful change, always leaving the listeners with practical tools that they can incorporate into their daily lives.

Podcast Interviews

There are a variety of topics that could be discussed on interview, please submit an application to discuss.

Koha (Donation), indications below but not required.

$50 inc GST - 30 mins

$75 inc GST - 1 hour

$125 inc GST - 1.5 hours

Trauma | Trauma Encoding | Nervous System Regulation | Spirituality | Manifestation | Breathwork | Havening Technique | Reiki | Business | Universal Laws | Identity | Inclusivity | Relationships | More

*Accomodation, Travel expenses seperate if required for in person interviews*

Podcast Request

Thanks! We will be in touch soon

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