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Guest Facilitator

Adam Robertson is a Neurosomatic Facilitator, Public Speaker, and Coach, with over 10 years experience in mixed modality and space holding. Adam has held 100's of event spaces, facilitated at festivals, workplace conferences and retreats.

Adam can work alongside you to bring your event, workshop, retreat or conference an elevated sense of wellness, community, team-building, and relaxation.

With over 8 different modalities, extensive experience in coaching and mentoring, we will work to curate something to suit what you desire.

NZ Facilitation Package

30 mins - 3 hour packages available, curated and crafted to your event. Please email or book to discuss further.

$500 inc GST - 30 mins

$900 inc GST - 1 hour

$1250 - 1.5 hour

Breathwork | Havening Technique | Reiki | Sound Healing | Meditation | Visualisation | Movement | Ecstatic Dance | Yin Yoga | Team Building | Coaching | Mentoring | Public Speaking | More

*Accomodation, Travel expenses seperate if required

Prices subject to variation depending on products, resources, etc*

Guest Facilitator Request

Thanks! We will be in touch soon

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