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From a childhood dream, to a divine vision birthed into reality! I'm incredibly excited to introduce you all to the creation of Perspicere.

Perspicere - "To look through" 

This name was a download, just like the rest of this pack - when I researched what it meant, it made a lot of sense. These cards are here to enhance your intuitive abilities, while working with psychology to evoke and trigger emotion, memories, ideas. There was never to be words or a booklet as part of this deck, because it was truly about reminding you that YOU ARE THE GIFT. 

To look through, is to not just see an image, but beyond the image - what is the message? What does this say? What is the guidance, the teaching, the lesson? 

Perspicere - Perspective, in Latin.

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About Perspicere

Metaphoric Cards
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  • ​The Capricorn Spirit - 103 Willis Street, Wellington CBD

  • ASH&STONE - Shop 5W/5 Central Road, Kingsland, Auckland

  • Healing Light Crystals - 204 Main Street, Tawa, Wellington

Firstly, how to pronounce (per-speak-a-ray)

This is a self-published deck, by a NZ Author.

This is literally a testament to NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS - they are achievable!

For me, I’m also been a woo woo freak (give me the pack of cards!) but it always felt like there was a little something missing, and I realised what that was.

It was the self belief, the confidence, the honouring of your gift as the messenger, and tapping into your innate ability as the intuitive and spiritual practitioner.

We would often ask a question, shuffle the cards and pick one, and then appreciate the beauty of the image, but go straight to the text at the bottom to ‘tell us’ the meaning, or refer to the book, out of comfort and lack of trust in what the message is for us - this idea the book knows better.

I wanted YOU to see that you are highly evolved, and whether you know it right now or not - you are an intuitive, you are connected to source energy, to the universe, and you have the messages within, if you just acknowledge and listen.

These cards have NO book, and NO text.

When you pick a card, let yourself be guided to the message it speaks. “Look through” and let it speak to you. Enhance your intuitive gifts, and in doing so enhance your confidence and trust in self!

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