MAC (Metaphoric Associative Cards)



Perspicere - "To look through" 

This name was a download, just like the rest of this pack - when I researched what it meant, it made a lot of sense. These cards are here to enhance your intuitive abilities, while working with psychology to evoke and trigger emotion, memories, ideas. There was never to be words or a booklet as part of this deck, because it was truly about reminding you that YOU ARE THE GIFT. 

To look through, is to not just see an image, but beyond the image - what is the message? What does this say? What is the guidance, the teaching, the lesson? 

Perspicere - Perspective, in Latin.

Ever since I was a child, Oracle and Angel cards have been a HUGE part of my life. At one stage I had 15 packs! I absolutely love cards, however there was something missing.

I realised that with every pack you get, even tarot, they have a 'given meaning' to the card, or a booklet, or word to refer to. I questioned why we need this? Why do we need to be told what the message is, and immediately I got the answer "Because we don't trust ourselves enough"

*Mic drop* - we rely so heavily on this external sources to validate us because we don't often trust ourselves enough to have complete certainty in the message.

I want that to change!

Intuition is this GIFT that each and everyone of us have, we are either unaware that we have it, choose to believe otherwise, or we are unsure of how to expand on it. LET THIS BE YOUR TOOL.

This is about bringing back YOUR INNATE POWER - the embodiment of self empowerment. There is no 'right' or 'wrong'. We all see things differently, we all receive different messages - this is truly about connecting deeper to yourself to have complete faith and trust in your own abilities in life.

With each card, realising that you have the answer within, and when you have that complete trust, faith and grounded self, you are aligned with source, spirit, universe who work with you to guide you.

You have the ability to read, you truly do - it's just perhaps you haven't felt confident enough in self to do so. Let's change that!

This is a tool that keeps on giving - the more you connect with it, the more you connect with self. Remember, nothing is outside of you, it's all within.

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